Public Involvement and Participation

Getting the Public Involved

The Public Involvement and Participation minimum control measure focuses activities on specifically involving the public in the development, implementation and evaluation of the local stormwater management program. Many of the public participation and public involvement activities undertaken by the MS4 are included in the discussion of other Minimum Control Measures included in this website. For example, public participation activities regarding construction and post-construction stormwater management should emphasize involvement of the public in the development of local laws, comments on Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans, and access to reporting hotlines. These activities are all discussed as part of those respective Minimum Control Measures. Additionally, the development and use of this website, itself, meets many of the requirements for public involvement and participation.
In the general sense, this Minimum Control Measure requires the MS4 to involve the public in all aspects of the local stormwater program. Activities may include, but are not limited to: ensuring compliance with public notice and open meetings law; identification of key stakeholders; publishing contact information; obtaining public input on local laws, annual reports and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs); and sponsoring volunteer activities that directly involve the public in stormwater management activities.

Program Accomplishments:

Activities and BMPs that have been accomplished to date for this Minimum Control Measure are included within the required MS4 Stormwater Annual Report form and Municipal Compliance Certification. Copies of these documents can be found at the following link (Annual Reports). Copies of various documents and specific products relating to this minimum control measure are included under "Related Documents".

A summary of the effectiveness of this program, associated BMPs, activities and an assessment of measurable goals can be found under the heading "Program Reporting and Effectiveness".


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