Tax Collection

Tax Collection

Karen M Day
Tax Collector

6329 Walker Road
Deerfield, NY 13502
Phone: 315-724-0413 ext. 230
Fax: 315-793-3032

The Deerfield Tax Collector is responsible for collecting Town & County taxes. Bills are mailed out the first of the year, payments made by January 31st are not subject to penalties. Payments made during February are subject to a 1% penalty and during March 1.5%. After April 1st, taxes are turned over to the Oneida County Finance Department.  The Deerfield Tax Collector does not collect School taxes. 

  • Tax payments accepted in person - Tuesday-Thursday 10AM-2:30PM
  • Taxes can be paid by mail or in person at the Deerfield Municipal Building 6329 Walker Rd Deerfield, NY 13502
  • Taxes can be paid with Bank Check, Money Order, Credit Card or Personal Check.  NO CASH ACCEPTED
  • Credit Card payments will be accepted only online and will incur a convenience fee of $1.95 or a 2.45% will be added to your transaction.
    This is not a town fee but a fee from the Credit Card acceptance Company.