Zoning Board

Zoning Board

Members of the Board

Lura Raymo
5740 Walker Road
Deerfield, NY 13502
Phone: (315) 724-0658
Chairperson term expires: 12/31/2023
Member term expires: 12/31/2026

Jane Buchner
111 Wells Place
Deerfield, NY 13502
Phone: (315) 724-0413
Member term expires: 12/31/2027

Robert Greco
11687 Bell Hill Rd
Deerfield, NY 13502
Phone: (315) 732-7744
Member term expires: 12/31/2024

George Korrie
Member term expires: 12/31/2023


Application for the Zoning Board of Appeals must include the following:

1. Copy of the building permit application

2. Letter of denial from the Codes Enforcement Officer

3. Site plan clearly showing dimensions of existing and proposed structures and property line

4. Statement from applicant stating why he or she would experience a hardship if this request is denied

5. A check payable to the Town of Deerfield in the amount of $250 (this fee is non-refundable)


Your application may include:

1. Photo of affected property

2. Written statement from neighbors or interested residents supporting your request 


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